- Ultrasound Transcranial Doppler Flow Analyzer (TCD)
RH3200 Ultrasound Transcranial Doppler Blood Flow Analyzer (Portable)
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RH3200 Ultrasound Transcranial Doppler Blood Flow Analyzer (Portable)

Unique technical features of the instrument

* Full information storage: The system provides advanced full information storage function, complete recording of clinical detection information. Can make the physical measurement process flexible and reproduce, in dynamic

The gain, envelope, and manual calculation can be adjusted during playback. Maximizes clinical needs.

* Advanced M-wave mode: completely abandon the traditional mode, in the case of 512-point FFT large picture observation, can observe multiple depth Doppler signals at will,

Switching intentionally, handy.

* High sensitivity: digital technology application, so that at 10% power, no need for ultrasonic coupling agent, the same clear spectrum can be detected, power adjustment is free, so that

It is no longer difficult to detect elderly patients.

* Powerful medical record management: The system provides a medical record database management system. Can have network transmission function (customer optional).

* Probe transition: Using the latest technology to apply 4MHz continuous Doppler transform pulse Doppler, the detection of extracranial and superficial blood vessels is more accurate.

*Report editing: Based on the powerful editing function of Word document, free editing, storage, access, etc., and a large number of diagnostic terms, assisted diagnosis.

* Training: Graphic and video training software for professional medical schools.

Instrument technical indicators:

*Operating system: Windows XP

*PW depth: 5-120mm, accuracy 1mm

*Sampling volume adjustment (PW): 0.77mm ~ 13mm

* Transmit power: 0-150 mw, 1%-700% adjustable

*Working mode: 2MHz PWx2 4MHz CW

*Gain range: 1~56dB

* Scanning speed: 4-12 seconds optional

* Spectrum display: more than one thousand swatches are arbitrarily selected

* Image gain: 0-7 total 8 levels available

* Full information dynamic playback: >30h, spectrum image and sound synchronous playback

* Image storage: >20000 spectrum images

*Chinese character input: Wubi, smart ABC, full spell, Microsoft Pinyin, and optional letter board

*Parameter calculation: support manual, static, dynamic three ways to calculate blood vessel parameter values and switch

* Spectrum: 128 points, 256 points, 512 points FFT spectrum display

*Automatic detection display index: Vp, Vm, Vd, PI, RI, SD, MI, HR, TIC, TIB