- All-digital veterinary ultrasound system
RH-300AVE full digital veterinary ultrasound system
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RH-300AVE full digital veterinary ultrasound system

Technical features:

1, all digital ultrasonic kernel processing technology

2, anti-glare laser laser engraving button, feel comfortable

3, convex array / line array / micro convex, a variety of frequency conversion probe matching

4, AC and DC power supply, with a large capacity lithium battery

5 inch high resolution LCD display

6, wide viewing angle, anti-glare, clear and more detailed image

7, the size: 302 × 152 × 40mm;

8, the host weight 1.2KG, handheld, chest hanging a variety of applications

Clinical application: 

1, abdominal, obstetrics, gynecology, emergency, routine examination

2, troops, ambulance, teaching, family medical special environmental inspection, etc.

3. Health department, family planning and reproductive service inspection, etc.