- All-digital color Doppler ultrasound system
DU8-M6 full digital color Doppler ultrasound system
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DU8-M6 full digital color Doppler ultrasound system

Sweeping method

Electronic convex array, electronic linear array

Display mode: black and white image: B, 2B, 4B, left and right B/M, B/D, PW, M, B mode partial magnification

Blood flow image CFM: B/C, BC/B, B/BC

Spectrum: B/D, B/C/D, PW

Color blood flow image adjustment parameters

Doppler frequency, sampling frame position and size, baseline, color gain, deflection angle, wall filtering, cumulative number of times, etc.

Probe type

Probe socket 4

Probe frequency 2.0MHz ~ 10.0MHz, 8 levels of frequency conversion

Probe type Large convex, slightly convex, linear array, cavity.

Sound power 16-level output sound power is adjustable

Display depth with encoder continuous multi-stage adjustable

Focusing electronic focusing + acoustic lens focusing

Launch focus: single focus, dual focus, triple focus and quad focus

Front-end reception uses continuous dynamic focus

Grayscale 256 grayscale

Peripheral interface: DICOM interface (network interface), USB interface, RS232 interface

Optional: laser printer, video image printer

Obstetric measurement calculation function: fetal sac (GS), biparietal diameter (BPD), head and hip length (CRL), femur length (FL), tibia length (HL), transverse diameter (TAD), vertebral length (LV), Estimation of neck transparent layer length, gestational age and expected date of birth by ear diameter (OFD), abdominal circumference (AC), and head circumference (HC)

Signal Processing and Doppler:

  Dynamic filtering and quadrature demodulation

 With total gain adjustment

Gain adjustment: 8-stage TGC

The total gains of type B, C and D are adjustable respectively.

Black and white image gain and color flow gain are adjustable

Doppler stereo output volume adjustment 0-100%

Doppler baseline adjustment level 6

The pulse repetition frequency can be adjusted separately: CFM PWD

With D line speed adjustment