- Full digital superconducting visual human flow monitoring system
Full digital superconducting visual human flow monitoring system
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Full digital superconducting visual human flow monitoring system

The all-digital ultrasound guided visual flow monitoring system is a kind of ultrasonic examination and surgery using all-digital beam shape technology, numerical control real-time dynamic aperture imaging, numerical control dynamic scanning technology, numerical control real-time dynamic multi-point focusing, advanced technology and superior performance. The high-tech equipment that guides and aborts the aspirator, is suitable for obstetrics and gynecology surgery such as artificial abortion, access control and birth control ring under the real-time monitoring of ultrasound. It has good visual and guiding positioning effect during the operation. Some national patent technologies can effectively avoid complications such as abortion, uterine perforation damage, infertility, etc., which are easy to cause due to blind surgery. They have the advantages of less bleeding, low cost and good safety. They are equipped with USB mass storage and RS232. interface.

Main performance:

1, supported output devices: 2 USB mobile devices; VIDEO OUT digital, video printer, VGA, R232

2, monitor: 14-inch high-resolution progressive flashless display.

3, probe interface: probe interface: 2

4, image processing: pre-processing, post-processing, dynamic range, frame correlation, line correlation, edge enhancement, black and white flip, left and right flip, up and down flip, grayscale scheme, grayscale curve, contrast, brightness, gamma correction, noise reduction

5. Gain adjustment: Gain: adjustable between 0 and 100dB; time gain compensation (TGC): 8-level segmentation adjustment, B mode, M mode can be adjusted independently

6, real-time scaling ten-level magnification: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0

7, the entire Chinese operating platform design

8. Button arrangement that conforms to specific ergonomic design and conforms to operating habits.

9, intelligent navigation function, one-click implementation.

10, intelligent focus control, synchronous curve display, backlight function silicone keyboard

11, powerful clinical and practical functions.

12, the general measurement and analysis software

13, real-time or offline to achieve any part of the annotation

14, B mode, B / B mode, B / M mode, M mode, 4B mode, partial amplification mode;

15. Online case inquiry is convenient for clinical comparison.

16, the scanning angle can be selected as needed

17, software support length and area measurement, brightness contrast adjustment, text and area labeling, etc.

18, real-time dynamic playback, magnification synchronization display body position identification can be added to the report image super strong report editing function, mass storage report (optional)

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