- Gynecological ozone therapy device
0-3 Gynecology Ozone Therapy Apparatus
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0-3 Gynecology Ozone Therapy Apparatus

Scope of application:

*Applicable to the treatment of fungal vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas vaginitis, I degree, II degree cervicitis.

* Sterilization and rinsing before and after gynecological treatment.


* High-concentration ozone water rinsing function by ultrasonic atomization treatment and low-temperature plasma technology to ionize gas molecules in the air, and using special pipelines.

*Automatic temperature control function, real-time temperature display, accompanied by heating indication, safe and reliable, automatically cut off the heating device when flushing and heating.

* Digital display of atomization treatment time, the time setting range is adjustable from 01 to 99mins.

*Automatic alarm prompts when the bottle and atomizer are out of water, accompanied by indicator lights, the doctor is convenient and simple to operate.

* Water, gas and fog are combined to achieve flushing and treatment.

Main Specifications:

 *Input power: ≤1500VA;

 *Ozone concentration: ≥80mg/m3

 * Noise should: v ≤ 60dB (A);

 *Ozone water flow rate: 0.6 ~ 3.0L / min;

 *The heating range of the rinsing liquid is: 19°C-39°C (tolerance: ± 2C°);

 * Ultrasonic atomization working frequency: (1.7 ± 10%) MHz;

 * Atomization rate: ≥10mL/h.

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