- Gynecological ozone therapy device
Gynecological ozone therapy device
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Gynecological ozone therapy device

Detailed introduction:

Ultrasonic ozone atomization therapy instrument has two independent operating systems: ozone atomization treatment and gynecological clinical cleaning. The gynecological clinical cleaning system has the following unique advantages:

*Double flushing function: It can be used to make ozone flushing liquid or liquid medicine, constant temperature, constant pressure and automatic cleaning;

* Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hemostasis: equipped with a spray-type rinse head, used to make the ozone cleaning solution into a mist, and gently and gently spray-sterilize the wound surface, surgical wounds, and vulva wounds, not only can be widely used Spectrum sterilization and anti-inflammatory, as well as analgesia, hemostasis, and promote the healing of wound surface;

* Clean and thorough cleaning: with vaginal washing head, round and smooth, will not scratch the epidermis tissue, the cleaning process is easy and comfortable; the washing pressure (70-120kpa) is moderately sized to avoid the pathogenic microorganisms rushing to the genital tract. Safe and secure;

* Activating blood circulation, accelerating repair: equipped with 5000 Gauss strong magnetic flushing handle, the solvating power and penetration force of the washing liquid are greatly enhanced, disinfection and sterilization are efficient and rapid, and can also promote blood circulation and remove phlegm, and enhance the self-repairing ability of wounds and wounds.

Functional structure features:

* With gynecological treatment function of "ozone + ultrasonic water mist and low temperature gas smoke";

* External flushing system, can make ozone liquid for disinfection and disinfection;

*The flushing system adopts manual watering and no automatic water inlet function;

* Constant temperature (19 ° C -38 ° C), constant pressure (70kpa-120kpa) type of washing;

*With pure oxygen source interface, it can use ozone source to make ozone, or connect pure oxygen machine or pure oxygen source to make ozone. The ozone concentration is 3-6 times higher than that when using air source. The purity of ozone is higher and the effect is better. .

The ozone atomization treatment system has the following unique advantages:

*Ultrasonic ozone atomization treatment has the characteristics of deep penetration, rapid and rapid elimination of bacteria, general bacterial, fungal, trichomonas vaginitis and gynecological problems such as vaginal discharge, itching, odor: the speed is obviously superior to traditional drug and external suppository At the same time, it avoids the complicated operation of general microwave therapy and laser therapy, and the patient is prone to a lot of bleeding, drainage, pain and other drawbacks, providing safety for hospitals and patients.

* Simultaneous treatment of various common gynecological inflammations: ozone simultaneously kills various microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, viruses, etc., and is suitable for treating various diseases caused by cross infections such as bacteria, mold, trichomoniasis, candida, gonococcus, and viruses. A difficult gynecological inflammation.

* It has a miraculous effect on intractable diseases: For gynecological inflammation caused by special bacteria such as Candida, general antibiotics are difficult to cure, and it is easy to recurrent. Once the drug is improperly selected, anti-SARS will speed up the reproduction of bacteria and make the disease worse. Ultrasonic atomization of ozone can quickly kill various pathogenic microorganisms and pathogens such as Candida, and the effect is magical.