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What are the functions and features of the electronic colposcope?
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Electronic colposcopy is the most popular instrument for examining gynecological diseases, and its effect is very desirable. Especially in recent years, with the continuous development of medical technology, electronic colposcopy has made a great breakthrough in the accuracy of inspection. So what are the functions and features of the electronic colposcope favored by medical experts? Let's take a look at the technical staff of Jiangsu Ruihua Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd.

According to the professional, the electronic colposcope is a high-tech diagnostic system for opto-mechanics. It uses high-resolution electronic imaging technology and uses a vaginal diffuser to clearly observe the fine lesions of the vagina and cervical tissue.

Its main functions and features are:

1. More intuitive and accurate diagnosis of gynecological diseases. In the past, the inspection instruments were not accurate enough, which made the inspection results have certain errors. The electronic colposcopy is applied to the screening and diagnosis of cervical, vaginal and vulvar diseases in women without any trauma or side effects. The lesion image can be magnified 30 times.

2, the highly clear image allows doctors to observe extremely small lesions on the computer monitor, such as improving the accuracy of judging erosion, precancerous lesions, cancer and other diseases.

3, colposcopy detection of image display, freezing, collection and other functions, can help patients more intuitively recognize the condition of cervical lesions.

After reading the introduction of the professionals, do you know the functions and features of the electronic colposcope now? If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to more news.