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Is the color transcranial Doppler test accurate?
Time: 2018/8/25 10:53:22Access:

Now many people with brain diseases go to the hospital to check with color transcranial Doppler, but now many patients who don't know about it want to know that the results of color transcranial Doppler are accurate? As a common person Xiaobian is not very clear, let's take a look at what medical experts say:

Medical experts said: It mainly uses the ultrasound Doppler effect to detect the hemodynamics of the main arteries in the brain and the non-invasive cerebrovascular disease of various blood flow physiological parameters.

For many years, medical experts have been working on the research of brain disease testers. After years of development, there have been many ideal weapons in disease examination. Color transcranial Doppler is one of them. Up to now, color transcranial Doppler is very high in both the quality of the device itself and the accuracy of the inspection data, and has been highly praised by medical experts.

Experts remind: In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, friends who need to check must go to the regular hospital to use professional color transcranial Doppler for examination.