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Digital electronic colposcopy can check what disease
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Digital electronic colposcopy is a commonly used instrument for examining various gynecological diseases. The accurate examination data is an important reference for medical experts to judge women's condition. But what kind of disease can a digital electronic colposcope check? I believe this is what many women want to know. Let's take a look at it:

Compared with traditional colposcopy, digital electronic colposcopy has a certain breakthrough in technology, and the scope of adaptation is relatively wide and accurate. It mainly includes the following aspects.

1, vaginal lesions: vaginal disease is now the most common gynecological diseases, such as vaginal neoplasms, nodules and other properties are unknown, suspicious vaginal adenopathy, vaginal malignant tumors, etc., digital electronic colposcopy is very sensitive to its cell lesions and inflammation precise. At the same time, abnormal vaginal secretions, contact bleeding, etc. can be checked by digital electronic colposcopy.

2, cervical disease: early stage of cervicitis, or long-term cure can be detected by digital electronic colposcopy.

3, diagnosis of vulvar lesions: genital itching, vulvar pigmentation and the biological nature of vulva.

4, clinical suspicious lesions: clinically, visual inspection revealed suspicious lesions or new organisms that cannot be diagnosed.

5, clinical and pathological inconsistency: when the clinical diagnosis and pathological diagnosis do not match, you can make a correct diagnosis with the help of colposcopy.

6, the diagnosis of condyloma acuminata: especially the diagnosis of subclinical lesions.

7, follow-up: cervicitis, cervical precancerous lesions, condyloma acuminata, vaginal lesions, vulvar disease and other treatments can be used to evaluate the treatment effect and dynamic observation of the development of the disease by colposcopy.